Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice: A Positive Youth Development Mindset 

The 2019 “Train-the-Trainer Institute”: A Professional Workforce Development Initiative

At the heart of emerging trends in the field of youth development is the critical importance of adolescent brain development and the essential need for youth to develop in a positive environment with the support of caring adults.

School & Main Institute and the Annie E. Casey Foundation will work with 15 sites from across the U.S. on a “Train-the-Trainer” initiative. After the training, teams will deliver the Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice curriculum back home to professionals in the field. Our hope is that this training will help transform juvenile probation and support youth in the best way possible.


A Fall River Strategy for Implementing Multiple Pathways to Graduation: Creating a New High School for Over Age/Under Credited Youth in Fall River 

School & Main Institute and the Barr Foundation are working to support the Fall River Public Schools in their efforts to adopt multiple strategies to graduation.

Many urban and large suburban school districts in the Commonwealth and around the country have the traditional “one-size fits all” comprehensive model, which no longer supports the diversity of student needs and learning styles.  This has motivated school districts to create multiple pathways that support students through high school completion and graduation.  Experience has shown that when well implemented - multiple pathways is a fiscally prudent, effective way to manage the reality that no one approach, methodology or set of supports can meet the academic and social/emotional needs our students have.  Adapting a multiple pathway approach results in wins for nearly all elements of the public schools, including comprehensive high schools.

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Learning to LEAP: Resources Share Early Lessons on Supporting Youth

"Making Education and Career Pathways Work for Justice-Involved Youth," a brief from School & Main Institute, tells how LEAP partnerships are working to connect justice-involved youth with greater educational and employment opportunities. To read more about our work AECF, click here.


Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice in Pima Co.

School & Main Institute was in Tucson, Arizona, May 14-15, 2018 working on Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice. On our first day, we defined Positive Youth Development and a Positive Youth Development Mindset and on the second day we looked at the essential nature of partnership development and collaboration and its role in fostering cross-system work between and across agencies, departmental units and other juvenile justice service professionals. Our goal was to help gain a better understanding of cross-system work, what it looks like, and how to move from polite cooperation to a more fully collaborative way of doing business.



Systems for Student Success Action Planning Initiative

Our 2nd Cross District Meeting on April 6, 2018 in Boylston, MA
At this meeting, we heard about district progress and “absolute must do’s” for the last three months of this school year. Districts shared strategies for leading and managing this work and identified what teams need to do to finish strong this year. We also heard Pat Spradley, Chief, Parent and Family Engagement of the Springfield Public Schools talk about: Leading 4R System Changes: The Parent & Family Engagement Journey in Springfield.


In a Nutshell

Founded in 1985 at Brandeis University’s Heller School of Social Policy and Management, School & Main Institute (SMI) has grown into a nationally recognized, independent non-profit training and partnership development organization that has worked with organizations and state agencies in more than 35 states.


School & Main Institute staff and faculty have years of expertise as organizational leaders, program developers, trainers, and facilitators in the fields of education, workforce preparation, youth and community development.

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