Reimagining Juvenile Justice Training Institute
Monday, May 13

The Casey Foundation is expanding the Reimagining Juvenile Justice (RJJ) footprint in 2019 with a Train-the-Trainer Institute hosted by School & Main Institute in Denver, CO. The training focused on RJJ’s core curriculum and concepts and instructional strategies for maximizing adult learning. The Institute was attended by two-person teams, from 15 jurisdictions around the country. Upon completion of the Training Institute, the training teams will be responsible for delivering the RJJ curriculum to a multi-agency cohort in their home communities between May and December 2019.

Reimagining Juvenile Justice (RJJ) is a staff development initiative sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and delivered through School & Main Institute (SMI). RJJ is designed for professionals working with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and their families. Its objective is to develop the capacity of professionals to support, divert and redirect youth to appropriate and fair justice options, including options that require a high degree of cross-system collaboration and coordination. It is based on research on adolescent development that shows youth thrive in a positive environment with the support of caring adults.

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