School & Main Institute Leading Juvenile Justice Partnership: Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice Utilizing A Positive Youth Development Mindset | A Cross-Systems Approach



On March 13, 2015, at Wheelock College over 100 leaders in juvenile justice and  youth and related fields came together to launch an innovative professional development model designed to address the critical gaps between the job the juvenile justice workforce is asked to do and the skills and knowledge they need in order to do it successfully. The focus of the day was on developing an approach that utilizes a positive youth development mind-set, while helping staff collaborate across systems. This interactive session (facilitated by SMI) brought together practitioners and policy makers from DYS, Probation, Mental Health, Education, Youth Employment, Youth Advocacy, Youth Services, Legal Services, and others to identify the competencies and experiences necessary for Juvenile Justice Professionals to support youth who typically have needs no one organization can address alone. 

The forum attended by nearly 100 juvenile justice professionals is part of building a training/credentialing model that is in development for early 2016.  Our Juvenile Justice Workforce Partners include:

  • Judge Amy Nechtam, Chief Justice, MA Juvenile Court
  • Jackie Jenkins Scott, President, Wheelock College
  • Ed Dolan, Commissioner, MA Probation Services
  • Harry Spence, Court Administrator of the MA Trial Court
  • Peter Forbes, Commissioner, Department of Youth Services
  • Edward P. Kelley, President, RFK Children Action Corps
  • Josh Dohan, Executive Director, Youth Advocacy Division

 Meeting Agenda and the meeting flyer announcement are available for download.


Youth and Juvenile Justice Leaders in Boston Area Come Together to Discuss an Innovative Approach to Positive Youth Development and Working  Across-Systems

Working collaboratively, School & Main Institute and Wheelock College’s Department of Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy, in partnership with the Annie E. Casey and the Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation, have begun the development of an innovative professional development model designed to address critical gaps between the job juvenile justice workers are asked to do and the skills and knowledge they need in order to do it.

This leadership breakfast was attended by a diverse representation of youth and juvenile justice leaders in the Boston area.  We are excited about the depth and breadth of participation. Our focus is to build a credentialing model that supports a positive youth development mindset with a cross systems approach.

In our planning process we are exploring the competencies and curriculum such a training opportunity would offer those in the field - highlighting the ability to get greater outcomes for youth and families while also supporting the efforts of our programs and agencies to work more effectively and efficiently.



Learning & Networking Opportunities for Student Support


On November 20, School & Main Institute will be collaborating with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to offer “Developing Parent Academies and Other Parent Capacity Building Efforts,” a statewide training event for practitioners in Massachusetts.

Parent academies and universities have become increasingly common strategies to engage parents in supporting their children’s education and other ideas/opportunities for themselves and their families.  As with most things, however, there are many different models – and numerous lessons to be learned from the varying approaches.  We are thrilled to provide an inside glimpse and an interactive opportunity to explore parent academies and other parent capacity building strategies across the state.  

Three seasoned models will be showcased – as well as opportunities for participants to share their own work, questions, and ideas in this highly interactive day.  Speakers will include:

  • Bill Fiore, Community Outreach Administrator, Parent and Community Engagement Division/Springfield Parent Academy
  • Rebecca Masters, Project Manager, Kelly School, Holyoke Literacy House party/Fiesta de Literature
  • Jane Feroli, Specialist for Parent Engagement, Brockton Public Schools/Brockton Parents’ Academy

SMI is the technical assistance and training provider for the MA Wraparound initiative - A Race to the Top effort.


Parent Facilitator Training in Springfield, MA


"Powering Up Family/School Partnership Impact"

SMI staff facilitated an exciting day-long training session for school-based Parent Facilitators at the MassMutual Conference Center in Chicopee, MA. Charged with a full array of parent and family engagement efforts in Springfield, the work of a Parent Facilitator requires strong collaboration with parents/families, school and district staff and often many other community partners. Partnering is one of the most effective ways to bring about lasting change in our schools and communities, but some partnership efforts are far more powerful than others. Participants explored new ideas and experienced hands-on activities designed to build strong, successful connections as well as help navigate the “push and pull” challenges that come up in the Parent Facilitator role.


  • Participate in fun teambuilding and relationship development within your team.
  • Address organizational change and potential areas of impact.
  • Clarify the emerging role(s) of Parent Facilitators and what it means to be “Partnership Builders”.
  • Take away strategies on how to work more effectively with parents, teachers, community partners, and school and district leadership.
  • Identify power dynamics and how to navigate “push and pull” challenges.
  • Take away tips and techniques that will help you be a better partner and facilitator of change!





Nonprofit Empowerment Summit | June 3, 2014 | Evaluation Summary

A Nonprofit Executive Empowerment Summit, designed to strengthen organizations and collaborations in the nonprofit world, was held in Washington DC.   School & Main’s Executive Director, Andy Beck, was a featured speaker.  The session broke new ground on non profit collaboration and participants were very positive in their evaluations. A sample follows...

I was impressed with Andy’s presence on the panel and his recognition of the importance of knowing whose responsibility (or job) it is to collaborate, and the problems with holding people responsible.  I copied down his five points, and the one that resonated most with me was "self-interest is not a dirty word."  Job well done!


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