A Fall River Strategy for Implementing Multiple Pathways to Graduation: Creating a New High School for Over Age/Under Credited Youth in Fall River 
Monday, February 4

School & Main Institute and the Barr Foundation are working to support the Fall River Public Schools in their efforts to adopt multiple strategies to graduation.

Many urban and large suburban school districts in the Commonwealth and around the country have the traditional “one-size fits all” comprehensive model, which no longer supports the diversity of student needs and learning styles.  This has motivated school districts to create multiple pathways that support students through high school completion and graduation.  Experience has shown that when well implemented - multiple pathways is a fiscally prudent, effective way to manage the reality that no one approach, methodology or set of supports can meet the academic and social/emotional needs our students have.  Adapting a multiple pathway approach results in wins for nearly all elements of the public schools, including comprehensive high schools.

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