Re-Imagining Juvenile Justice Pilot Program Kick-Off
Monday, June 13

A Positive Youth Development Mindset 

A Cross-Systems Approach with School & Main Institute, Inc. and Wheelock College

On June 16th, 2016 we will kick-off the Adult & Professional Certificate Program sponsored through Wheelock College Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy Department. A panel of experts will provide an overview of course modules, learning goals, competencies to be achieved, field experience, student assessment and hybrid on-line learning models. Participants will collaborate with professionals from all walks of the MA juvenile justice system and work and learn from nationally recognized experts and innovators in the field. The sessions will introduce participants to recognized positive youth development theory and evidence-based practices for youth involved in the juvenile justice system, with a balance of accountability and public safety.

All sessions and seminars will be held on the Wheelock College Boston and Brookline Campus and will be taught by faculty who are specialists in each area and field of study. School and Main Institute and Wheelock College’s Department of Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy will serve as the primary liaison and facilitators.

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